What are the Steps to a Successful Campaign?
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Build Your Website
Getting a website up is definitely the first step to digital marketing. Everything you do after should link back to your website.
How Do I Build a Website?
Write Organic Content
Once you have built a website, spend some time putting together your content pages for your website. These pages are crucial for Organic SEO, and will help you get onto Google and other search engines.
How Do I Write Content Pages?
Create Citations
Do you have a Brick and Mortar? Then you will need to invest in citations. You can either start creating these yourself, or you can pay a third-party company to create these for you.
How Do I Create Citations?
Optimize Your Website
Website content is useless if not optimized correctly. Be sure you are optimizing so that you can start getting more and more traffic from Google, and other such platforms.
How Do I Optimize My Website?
Set Up Social Media
After you have a website up, and it is full of content, be sure to set up links to each of your social media accounts on your website. This can increase your traffic by 70%
How Do I Set Up Social Media?
Start Social Media Marketing
It is the year 2019, and millions of people are scrolling through social media. This gives you the opportunity to target your ads to the right people.
How Do I Start Social Media Marketing?
Launch Google Advertisements
Google PPC ads are great if you want the extra instant traffic, and if you have the budget to afford the pay per click.
How Do I Start Google Ads?
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